Making a difference now, and into the future.

At AIMS Campus, our mission is simple – we enable our students to transform their lives and achieve their untapped potential. Through our education and research, and the roles our graduates go on to play in the world, we not only support individuals to transform their lives, but we also play a part in transforming society.

We take our mission, a step further, enabling generational transformation. Some of our students are the first in their family to graduate, proving our capability to work with bright minds across our region to raise aspirations and help them discover a world that’s waiting for the taking.

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Taking pride in our capabilities

Legacy of over 33 years

Accredited by TVEC and Recognized by UGC.

Significant Number of

Associate, Master’s and Doctoral Degrees.

Accredited Globally by

Renowned Universities and Awarding Bodies.


Qualified Team Of Faculty Members For Academic Support

Let our team enhance and enrich your knowledge. What makes our Faculty members outstanding is the combination of academic qualifications, industry experiences and the continuous thirst to provide knowledge. This is the AIMS way of assuring consistency in both classroom and transcendental knowledge delivery.

Recognition Of AIMS Campus Sri Lanka

AIMS Campus Sri Lanka is a unique institution that provides a gateway to international education opportunities for Sri Lankan students.

AIMS provides wide Range of Courses

We provide courses that are unique, valuable and industry recognized. Thus, a holistic package of courses ranging from training, undergraduate and postgraduates courses are constantly being introduced to upkeep the value of education to the large majority.



27th March 2022
Training program conducted by Exeed ECX

At Dubai

27th March 2021
Graduation 2021


27th of September 2018
Graduation 2018

Hilton Colombo Residence

2nd - 5th November 2017
Infotel Exhibition – 2017