Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education


Bachelor of Science in Education (BSc in Education) degree program is designed for Nursery school teachers. Early childhood education aims to develop friendships among children belonging to the same age group. These schools provide the kids with an environment that encourages interaction with other kids, builds strong friendships, and also helps them come out of their comfort zones.


  1. Mathematics
  2. Science
  3. ENV/ Cultural
  4. Language
  5. Practical Life
  6. Thesis
  7. Curriculum Development In Early Childhood
  8. Early Childhood Teaching Methods And Strategy
  9. Research In Class Room
  10. Management Quality In Early Childhood
  11. Family Involvement In Early Childhood
  12. English For Employment
  13. Moral Education In School Curriculum


  • Advanced Diploma / HND or 3 years working experience in Teaching/ in the field of Education
Admission Profile items all applicants must have the following
  • Application for Admissions
  • Photo Headshot
  • Academic Credentials (Official Transcripts and/or Foreign Credential Evaluations)
  • Personal Statement
  • Resume

Course Summary

Class Duration
1 year
Faculty of Education
Degree Level
Entry Requirements
Advanced Diploma / HND
3 years working experience in Teaching/ in the field of Education
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