Bachelor of Science in Special Education


The Special Educational Needs degree is a unique applied programme offering an opportunity to examine educational issues and additional learning needs from psychological perspectives. There is a strong focus on psychological research throughout the degree, and you will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to understand how applied psychology can inform education policy and practice in a variety of contexts.


  1. Principles of Teaching
  2. Introduction Special Education
  3. Educational Psychology
  4. Child and Adolescent Development
  5. The Legal Basics of Special Education
  6. Assessment of Student Learning
  7. Identification and Assessment of Children with SEN
  8. Process of Instruction IEP and Teaching Method
  9. Children with Special Education Needs
  10. Instructional approaches and Teaching Tactics
  11. Information and Communication Technology
  12. Community and Professional Issues in Special Education
  13. Thesis


  • Advanced Diploma / HND or 3 years working experience in Teaching/ in the field of Education
Admission Profile items all applicants must have the following
  • Application for Admissions
  • Photo Headshot
  • Academic Credentials (Official Transcripts and/or Foreign Credential Evaluations)
  • Personal Statement
  • Resume

Course Summary

Class Duration
1 year
Faculty of Education
Degree Level
Entry Requirements
Advanced Diploma / HND
3 years working experience in Teaching/ in the field of Education
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